The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a gorgeous garden and conservatory in the heart of Key West, right on Duval Street. In this conservatory hundreds of free flying butterflies and birds and 2 flamingos, live their lives.

This conservatory houses between 50-60 species of butterflies, several species of birds, including two very happy and pink flamingos, Scarlet and Rhett.

As a guest to this conservatory, you get to walk through a tropical garden enclosed by glass. Free flying birds run along the pathways and fly around the vegetation and you. The butterflies flutter throughout the conservatory and will land on you, others, leaves, food, even the ground.

As you walk through the conservatory you also get the chance to view the catepillars as they feed and develop through the various stages of life in the learning center.

The conservatory is a great family friendly activity on Duval Street. You can also buy many cute trinkets and souvenirs in their gift shop. The conservatory is open year round in Key West, and is just blocks away from the Southern Most Point.