Vicaya Museum and Gardens

It all started with businessman John Deering; Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was once upon a time the estate and former villa of John Deering, known as Villa Vizcaya. This estate was built between the years of 1914 -1923. The cost to build this estate during those years was $15 million dollars. This estate and garden is known for it’s European style, imported from France and Italy, and the Cuban themed limestone stonework. Floridian coral architecture and sub-tropic friendly + native plants really bring the estate together.

In 1952 Miami-Dade County acquired the villa and gardens, and it was in dire need of repairs, restoration and maintenance, for roughly $1 million dollars. It began operating as an art museum in 1953. In 1994, the estate was finally designated as a National Historic Landmark. In 2017 Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Trust, Inc, (a local nonprofit) entered into an agreement with Miami-Dade to operate and manage the estate. The county still provides funding for upkeep, renovations, etc., in the form of annual budgets and grants.

I had the pleasure of visiting this 50 acre estate. You can easily spend all day walking through the expansive gardens and the ornate house. Strolling the gardens is an absolute breath-taking experience. The architecture and the layout of the gardens is simply beautiful. This is a fantastic place to get some really beautiful photography, with all the tropical flowers, plants, water features, statues, and scenery. Each section of the expansive gardens flow from one area to the next. The symmetry of the gardens is pleasing to the eye and the camera as you walk up and down stairs, to different levels of the gardens. Inside the museum is absolutely stunning. The ornate decor, furniture, and art is something to behold. Each room is different, allow you to fully appreciate the level of detail and design that went it to each and every room in this massive building. Walking room to room, makes you wonder what it must have been like to stay in this beautiful estate way back in the day. This Villa would have been at the top of luxury when it was built.

The indoor garden as you enter the building is something extra special. Birds of paradise, palm trees and myriad of other plants grow INSIDE this building as you walk into the main room. This is a beautiful location with breath-taking views, and if you are in Miami, I highly suggest you take the time to visit this place. It is well worth it.

This museum and garden is even open to rentals for events such as weddings! Visit their website to find out how you can rent this location for your special event or wedding.