Bosque Bello Cemetery

Bosque Bello Cemetery is a historical cemetery located in Fernadina Beach, Fl. The cemetery was believed to be established by the Spanish in 1798.

The City of Fernadina Beach added a section to the cemetery in 1940.

The historical section of this cemetery is quite haunting. Broken, sunken, worn and tarnished stones line the pathways through this historical area of the cemetery. Headstones dating back to the early 1800s can be found in the historical section. As you walk the paths, you will even note the military headstones that are spread out sporadically throughout the historical section and even parts of the newer section.

Walk the paths of this hauntingly beautiful cemetery pay homage to the history of this area. This cemetery is still used to this day, and it is very well maintained. The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset everyday.

Visiting this cemetery was beautiful. The historical part of the cemetery is lined with military gravestones, former city officials, and historically important families. This place held such a serene feel to it, and you couldn’t help but feel the respect even for the historical area.