Ravine Gardens State Park

Ravine Gardens State Park is right off the St. John River in Palakta Florida. As you drive through the historic neighborhoods of Palakta, you come across this beautiful State Park. Inside this park is the ravine, and trails that lead you long the top of the ravines, and the bottom. The trails are lined with azaleas, and during the winter months you can walk the trails while they are in bloom. It is an absolute breath-taking experience.

Suspension bridges can be found throughout the park as well, allowing you to cut across the ravine.

There is also an amphitheater, a playground and covered pavilions, benches and look out points where you can stop and observe the beauty of the park and watch the wildlife.  This park is such a peaceful place. Hiking can be a challenge in some areas, due to tree roots, big steps and other obstacles, including mud!  This is definitely a place to wear hiking shoes, and not flip flops.

Even when the flowers have died off, this park is still breathtaking. The views, the wildlife, the greenery and landscapes mixed in with the architecture, will not disappoint. I enjoy visiting this park every year, and every year I am glad I did.

My kids even enjoy visiting every year. And if you are able to catch the park when all the azaleas are in bloom, it is a great spot to get some gorgeous photos taken.  This park is a must visit if you are in the area. There are so many things to do in Palakta along with this park, that it is a great place to spend the entire day.