Bill Frederick Park: Camping at Turkey Lake in the Heart of Orlando

Bill Frederick Park is 183 acre park in the City of Orlando, and it is situated along the shores of a 324 acre lake, called Turkey Lake. This park is located just a stone’s throw away from all of the theme parks and other Orlando attractions.

This park offers a wide variety of features, including playgrounds, disc golf, drone zone, camping, tent camping and even cabin rentals.  Use this park for the day, or stay for an extended vacation, you won’t be disappointed. This park has a way of making you forget that you are in the middle of Orlando and right next to the Florida Turnpike.

There are three disc golf courses in this park, however one is currently closed. They even have a children’s farm and animals that kids can interact with. Their list of amenities is quite impressive, they even have a drone zone for those who feel confident in their piloting abilities. The kids have ample playgrounds in the center of the park, with enough features to even keep some of the older kids occupied. A fitness center is also installed near the playgrounds, with a view of the lake off to one side.

This last week, we had the opportunity to camp in the cabin rentals for 3 days and 2 nights. You can’t beat the price. The cabins may be basic, with only bunk beds, table and chairs, heat/ac and electric, but the experience was more than worth it. If you want the fun of camping without the hassle of putting up a tent, or sleeping on the ground, this is the option for you. The bathrooms are within a reasonable walking distance from the cabins, and they even have a sink outside the bathrooms for washing dishes.

There are hiking and biking trails all throughout the park, allowing for lots of opportunities to walk, bike or even skate around the park. The trails wind along the park, letting you take in all the natural vegetation of Central Florida, and even observe some wildlife! Listen to the cardinals sign as you walk the trails, and just admire the beauty of the great outdoors.

The cabins sit close to the lake allowing you to view the breathtaking sunrise in the morning, over the water. It is a great place to fish with a wide variety of fresh water fish in the lake. This place will give you all the perks of being in the city, with close proximity to stores, restaurants and attractions, but once you enter the park, it feels like you have been transported instantly to the peace that only the being out in nature can give you. This park is a unique location as it is a serene and relaxing wooded park, that lets you have all the joys of camping in the countryside, as well as all the perks of being centrally located in the city limits of a major metropolitan city like Orlando.

This place offers a fantastic way to enjoy Orlando and camp all at the same time.  Check it out for the day or for an extended stay, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the serene peace that this large wooded park offers, as a way to escape the hustle of and bustle of the modern day vacations. This place will help you balance your time between the go of the city and amusement parks, with the calm, relaxing peace of nature. This is one city park you won’t regret visiting.