Coral Castle

Edward Leedskalnin spent his time between the years of 1923-1951 creating the Coral Castle that you can visit to this day in Miami. Ed was a 100 pound man standing barely over 5 feet tall. He spent 28 years building this castle out of coral rock with nothing but hand tools.

Ed never told anyone how he did it, but merely said he knew the secrets to how the ancients built the pyramids. His castle included a 9 ton gate that moves with just the touch of a finger! You can also see his functional rocking chairs that are made out of stone. He even built a Polaris telescope entirely out of stone.

This mysterious castle deserves a trip to experience the awe, wonder and mystery behind it. No one really know why exactly he made it or how he made it. It is a mystery that will likely boggle the minds of everyone who goes to visit this absolutely breathtaking coral castle.

Witness the castle that defies gravity, and stop by the coral castle during your trip to Miami. You will not be disappointed.

I had the pleasure of visiting this awe-inspiring “castle” when I was in Miami. This place is a fountain of amazement.  Seeing the moving stones, the amazing creations is fascinating. The guided tours paint the story of Ed’s life and story, some of which is heart wrenching.  This is a must visit when you are in Miami. This museum and castle, will not disappoint, and it is fun for the whole family!